Match Report
Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School 1st XV vs  Campion School
On: Wednesday, 31 Oct 2007
Venue: at Home

1. Guy ''put your (pointy) aces in the air'' Aldam
2. Rob ''Fat'' Lewis
3. Lewis ''my neck hurts I can''t run!'' Ferrie
4. Matt ''Dino'' Wood
5. Michael ''i got vassed'' Ogonjombi
6. Rob ''Peeeeeen'' Elston
7. Alex ''yoooouuu guys!'' Tompkins
8. Henry ''sheep'' Thompson
9. He who must not be named
10. Michael ''skinny leg'' Ubee
11. Emanuel ''10.9'' Ojomo
12. Cosmo ''Ambassador!'' Elms
13. Todd ''DR Sonny'' Cutting
14. Chris ''Man down'' Orford
15. Max ''Gammy hand'' O''leary


Again, another close game we should have won, I''m getting depressed by this season.
We started out well with a good break and pass from the recovered O''leary giving Todd a try under the posts. Campion replied with a try of their own exploiting our scrambling defence. Some inspirational words given by Mr Natera encouraged the team to put the pressure on. A good kick from Dark Lord (despite the ball coming off the tee several times to the crowds amusement) made the score 10-5. A cheeky chip from Pill Dog created the second try. Mike ran onto the ball and found Henners who did well to support. Henners collected the ball and ran through a few defenders to make the score 15-5.
Chis were confident and showed it in the second half. Good runs were made from the forwards (Curley, Tommy K and Henners) and the backs, in particular Cosmo who must have broken at least 10 tackles. Chis were rewarded with another penalty, converted by Pillow, to make the score 18-5 but again, despite many attempts, Chis were unable to kill the game. The missed opportunities came back to bite us on the ass when the lack of discipline gave Campion the field position.
ave defending, Chis were knocked back (mainly by the 20 stone prop who has had a few two many lard sandwiches) and conceded 2 tries in quick succession. Composure was needed but at 18-15 Chis continued to give away penalties and were undone when we conceded 3 points in the closing seconds. 18-18 away team goes though.
Again, we (lose) a game due to stupid penalties. We can''t blame the ref, who had a good game. We were just sloppy around the contact and lack of discipline was our downfall. Credit goes to Campion who were a strong opposition, kept fighting till the end and showed good sportsmanship after the game (which isn''t really that hard when you''ve won). We can only blame ourselves for not killing the game and giving away far too many penalties. Now we''re out of the cup we need to forget the game and get on with the season. Heads up Chis.

Man of the Match- I don''t know who Pillow or Ubee gave it to so I''m going to make the decision this week.
Max O''leary, first game back from his poorly wrist incident. Good runs, good tackles and a solid performance.(also, thanks for the try, i know you hate to pass to me :) )

Sorry for being moody in the changing rooms boys. If I offended anyone after the match it was just the frustration talking.