Match Report
Ashville Harrogate Boys-U18A vs  Samuel Whitbread Academy
On: Wednesday, 06 Dec 2017
Venue: Away

To reach the NatWest Quarter final was an excellent achievement for the 1st XV and although this was not the way we would have liked to have finished the season we still must remember just how far we have come this year. We must also remember that Samuel Whitbread Academy is just that, a full Academy for the Northampton Saints Premiership rugby side, they do not play for their school on a weekend they play for Northampton Saints and where twice the size of every Ashville player. In saying all of this any Ashville Student would have been proud of their 1st XV side, they played with both passion and pride and although at times it was like flies being splattered against a car windscreen at high speed the boys kept coming and Samuel Whitbread for long periods in the second half were tested in all areas of the game. Well done boys you have been amazing this year a real pleasure to coach.