Match Report
RGS, High Wycombe Boys-U14A vs  St Paul's School
On: Saturday, 23 Sep 2017
Venue: Away

After a hour journey to St. Paul’s and a quick warm up and run through of the moves the team was ready for the match. St. Paul’s collected the ball on the twenty-two and the first tackle was made. The defence was solid but within five minutes, we had given away a penalty for not being behind the back foot. St. Paul’s fly half found touch in our twenty-two. They formed a maul quickly off the line out and drove it to the five meter line where there hooker took it out and scored on the blind side. We went back into the game with our heads held high and stuck the ball deep in there half. We defended well again but after roughly ten phases a penalty was given to St. Paul’s for playing the nine and they found touch in our half again. This time we stopped the maul but they were on our five-meter line. We defended solidly but after a few phases, they found a gap, scored and converted the try. We stuck the ball, yet again, in there twenty-two and St. Paul’s were penalised for obstruction after forming a maul without contact. This gave us the chance to run forward and make ground and when we where on the five the ball was shipped out to James Mason where he scored our first try. Billy Kucera barley missed a tight conversion quickly followed by the half time whistle. In this half, we received the ball to start with but both sides were stuck in a stale mate of the ball being turned over and scrums no team making it into the opposing twenty-two. After fifteen minutes of this they made a break and made it into our twenty-two where they where tackled and the ball soon turned over. After only a few phases of play, the ball was in touch off us and they mauled it to the try line and scored. Five minutes after the kick off Will Evans was knocked out in a maul and Billy Kucera was taken off for a HIA after the same maul. Towards the end of the game, a penalty was given to St. Paul’s and they had a line out on the five-meter line where they drove a maul to the try line and scored. Five minutes later they made a break and scored there final try ending the game 27-5. St Pauls are a good side and played within the spirit of the game.