Match Report
Kent College 1st XV vs  Oakwood Park Grammar School
On: Wednesday, 17 Oct 2012
Venue: Away

Kent College vs Oakwood park

After intense training sessions the Kent College side were prepared for this last match before half-term. Kent College were particularly dominant in the scrums and the line-out which subsequently meat that the team could gain field possession through kicking the ball to touch whenever the team was awarded a penalty. The first 15 demonstrated what they had learnt in training through driving the ball upfield through the forwards and eventually passing the ball through the backs.

In the match Kent college were the first to put a score on the board after winning a penalty in front of the opposition posts, which Fenton successfully kicked. Oakwood park however, retaliated through some aggressive attack using a combination of backs and forwards running from deep which eventually weekend the Kent College defence. This subsequently lead to a try as one of the opposition burst through the Kent College line.

Despite this, the 1st XV ploughed on an, held onto the ball driving it forward upfield deep into Oakwood Park 22. Eventually through smart play and drawing players into the ruck, Kent College scored a try through launching Ian from deep. Fenton then converted successfully.

In the second half both sides played extremely well, however Kent College missed out on a couple of try scoring opportunities though dropping the ball or missed passes. This allowed Roger Man woods to get back into the games, as they ran in a try from deep which was not prevented through proper tackling. Kent College then upped their performance through intense rucking and clean ball at line-outs and scrums which helped the side to make steady progress up the field. Then from a series of pick ups and drives from the back of the rucks, Simon was driven over the line to score Kent Colleges second try. Despite this, a lack of concentration resulted in another try being scored by the opposition. It was a very close game, which kent College should of won as they dominated most of the play, especially in the scrums and at the line-outs however if tackles had been made, two of the tries may have possibly have been prevented.