Match Report
Durham School 1st XV vs  Hymers College
On: Saturday, 05 Oct 2013
Venue: at Home

5/10/2013 Durham School v Hymers College on the Playground.

Conditions dry 60F Pitch well grassed ground soft.
After the initial exchanges Hymers had a reset scrum on half-way. They punted ahead and Atkinson(14) caught the ball but was pushed into touch.
Their line out was stolen and another throw this time by Durham was taken by Bell(7) and driven. From this a move by Taylor(9), Bushnell(10) and Pursar(12) took play to The College 5m line.
A knock forward and they were able to clear to half-way. Bryant(4) caught the throw and a sequence of passes went Bell(7), Blakeney-Edwards(13), Ellwood(1), Bushnell(10) back to Bell then to Redman(15) to score the opening try which he converted.
Durham 7 Hymers 0 8 mins.
Durham fumbled the restart kick and Hymers had a scrum on the School 22. Leach(8) got possession but another scrum was awarded to Hymers they had a good heel and they chipped over but Bell caught it and tried an up and under. Chased Atkinson(14) collected and as Durham swarmed up the pass went to Bushnell who feinted then sped through the gap he had created. Redman converted the try.
Durham 14 Hymers 0 15 mins.
An elusive run by Blakeney-Edwards made ground but Hymers came back through Jones(9) and Morris(10) so play ended on the School 5m. They were penalised for not releasing and the ball was kicked to half-way.
Hymers continued to press and had been in the Durham 22 for some time then Durham were offside. Jones converted the penalty.
Durham 14 Hymers 3 21 mins.
A splendid try came from Durham's next move. Bushnell passed out to Redman coming up in support just inside the School half. Running at full tilt he handed off two would be tacklers and scored in the corner.
Durham 19 Hymers 3 23 mins.
Hymers had a scrum from their drop out and a move by Jones(9), Morris(10) and Johnson(12) ended when they punted ahead. Atkinson(14) caught the ball and the backs spread the passes across ending with Redman. He drew his man and passed outside to Raglan(11). The try was converted by Redman.
Durham 26 Hymers 3 28 mins.
School continued to attack and the half ended when following a tussle for the ball by Ellwood(1). Hymers kicked to touch from their 5m line. Play was evenly spread in the first ten minutes of the second half. Wilkinson(3) was hurt but resumed. Hymers made it to the Durham 5 line where they had a throw in, taken short it was stolen by Durham and cleared to half-way. The visitors attacked again through Jones, Morris and Tinker(8). Then a penalty to Durham quickly taken found Hymers not back 10 and another penalty was won. The superiority was short lived as Hymers got control passed out then inside but it was forward so scrum to Durham. From this Ellwood(1), Bushnell and Redman took play to 20m out where Redman passed to Raglan to score.
Durham 31 Hymers 3 15 mins.
Uncontested scrums were now required. The visitors restart kick was returned with a box kick and Hymers threatened when Tinker the captain nearly got through. A breakdown resulted in Durham having the ball. Taylor passed to Bushnell
and he to Blakeney-Edwards who sidestepped the defender touching down near the posts. Redman converted.
Durham 38 Hymers 3 20 mins.
Hymers made it to the school 22 but the foray ended with a penalty for not releasing. This led to a line out on Hymers 5m. line. Bell obtained the ball and sniped round the side for a try which Redman converted.
Durham 45 Hymers 3 25 mins.
The Hymers drop out was caught by Bell and passed to Redman who ran 30m before passing to Bushnell and he to Leach.
Durham 52 Hymers 3 28 mins. Redman converted.
Play was held up whilst the conversion ball was retrieved from Chorister's cricket pitch. It was still going upwards when it went though the posts.
A backline move with Taylor, Leach, Pursar(12) and Redman ended when he had two tacklers at once. Durham conceded a penalty as the game was closing and Hymers kicked for touch. Match over.
It had been a good display by School with the team showing elan. Hymers had been stalwart opponents.
I did not stay because I wanted to see N.Zealand v South Africa but missed the first half hour.

On Saturday there is a Supporters Lunch 1 p.m. k.o. Two courses £10. All invited: contact to book a place.
The Sedbergh match follows k.o. 2.30 p.m
Sedbergh are unbeaten this season and Durham drew last year 24 all I think. Report available on CHC website.