Match Report
Durham School 1st XV vs  Austin Friars St Monica's School
On: Saturday, 12 Nov 2011
Venue: Away

12/11/2011 Austin Friars School, Carlisle v Durham School at Carlisle.

Heavy overnight rain had left a slippery well grassed playing area. 50F
The first score came after 5 minutes. AF kicked a penalty to School's 10m line. Durham won the line out and spread the ball wide producing a textbook try for the winger Swart(11)
Austin Friars 0 Durham 5
The next ten minutes was evenly contested with AF twice attacking in the Durham 22 with crash ball by the strong no.8. This ended in a knock on so scrum to School who went wide but were taken out at the half way flag. AF had a free kick and again the crash ball was used but to no avail. A line out caught and tapped back by School was passed to the winger and AF saved a certain try pushing him into touch. Durham won the next line out made a mistake then won another line out grub kicked but it went into touch. AF throw was caught and driven 5m. a chip ahead was caught by School passed to winger Blakeney-Edwards(14) who scored in the corner.
Austin Friars 0 Durham 10 17 mins.
A.F no 3 tried to get through the School defence also their no.8 but he was penalised for not releasing. Collecting at the back Duncan
ushed aside several attempted tackles as he ran from the Durham 10.m to touch down.
Austin Friars 0 Durham 17 Willis converted. 23 mins.
The drop out was caught by Simpson passed to fly half Willis who put in a defensive kick back to the 10m line. A drive by AF pack from that line out resulted in a turn over to Durham. Hardy(12) and Blakeney-Edwards(14) combined to take play to the AF 5m line where Durham had a scrum. Intent on running the ball it came out and Simpson got involved. A penalty to School 10m out was not kicked but the scrum option was taken. Play paused for an injury but on resuming a quick heel and two short passes followed by a long one which was taken at full tilt by Studd(15) coming into the line.
Austin Friars 0 Durham 24 Converted by Willis 27 mins.
AF knocked on at the restart and School had the scrum on its 10m line. Two hacks from the back and AF had to turn and chase. Durham won that chase and the referee awarded the try. Willis converted.
Austin Friars 0 Durham 31 33mins.
Cooke(4) caught their drop out School kicked an up and under. Durham had a penalty at the breakdown the left wing went close and another opportunity was lost as the half time whistle blew.
Austin Friars 0 Durham 31 half time.
The drop out was caught by Ellwood passed to Elliott(9) then Willis(10) and Hardy(12) this took play back to half way then a chip ahead was hacked on and Duncan put down for a try which willis converted.
Austin Friars 0 Durham 38 3mins.
Four minutes later a chip ahead was followed up by full back Studd(15) who touched down and Willis converted.
Austin Friars 0 Durham 45 7 mins.
AF's lock no.5 caught the restart, Durham were offside the penalty was kicked to the School 22 but the line out throw was caught. Durham, then knocked on giving AF the scrum. From the heel AF made it to School's 5m line but Durham had the throw. Winning it the pack mounted a drive going 15m. from which Simpson(3) emerged holding the ball.
This was temporary but an almost immediate turnover allowed the 3/4's to manoevure they then passed out to Studd(15) on the wing who]drew his man then unselfishly passed inside to Duncan to complete the try. Willis converted from touch.
Austin Friars 0 Durham 52 10 mins.
A scrum was won against the head on the AF 22 and Willis thrust his way over then converted his try.
Austin Friars 0 Durham 59 15 mins.
AF were tiring as they had to constantly defend. A drop out was caught by Simpson who passed first to Bell(7) and he to Hardy who ran outside the defender for another try.Another conversion followed by Willis.
Austin Friars 0 Durham 66 17 mins.
Durham had a penalty when Simpson was tackled in the air as he caught the drop out. A tap taken by Noble(6) was sent wide and Studd outran his pursuers to score. Another excellent conversion from touch by Willis.
Austin Friars 0 Durham 73 20 mins
AF's no.6 caught the drop out but Durham won a turnover. Elliott(6) darted forward but was shunted into touch on their 22. AF had a penalty then another as Durham did not retreat 10m . The kick was caught by Studd a passing move went crossfield. Bell then Duncan had the ball but AF won the breakdown and kicked for touch. The throw was caught by Cronin(5) and it went to the backs where Hardy drew his man and then passed to Atkinson in support. Willis converted.
Austin friars 0 Durham 80 22 mins.
The referee blew early.

It had been an open running game with some consummate passing moves with good support play. Twelve tries eight conversions.
Credit to Austin Friars they never gave up despite Durham attacking at pace throughout. Austin Friars were hampered by lack of match practice but had a strong no.8 and flyhalf.
School play Yarm Grammar School on the playgound on Sat.19/11/11 K.O.10.30 a.m. Yarm have an England U.18 centre in their ranks.