Brighton College Prep School Map

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Main School

Lat: 50.82031, Long: -0.12109
Aldrington Hove (BN3 4LE)

Lat: 50.83017, Long: -0.19627
Braypool (BN1 8ZH)

Lat: 50.87270, Long: -0.15972
East Brighton Park (BN2 5PA)

Lat: 50.81823, Long: -0.09887
Jubilee Sports Ground (BN2 5UA)
Lat: 50.81948, Long: -0.09947
Patcham Place (BN1 8YQ)

Lat: 50.86623, Long: -0.15551
Pre- Prep School

Lat: 50.81847, Long: -0.11444
Stanley Deason (BN2 5PB)

Lat: 50.82185, Long: -0.10003

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