Cheltenham College Preparatory School Map

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Main School
Match Teas for pupils in Prep Dining Hall, for parents in Prep Assembly Hall
Lat: 51.88972, Long: -2.07564
College Field

Lat: 51.89058, Long: -2.07281
Cotswold Astro

Lat: 51.88841, Long: -2.07195
Linton Astro

Lat: 51.88741, Long: -2.07307
Prep Headmaster's Fields
Summer Term Match Teas served here
Lat: 51.88910, Long: -2.07444
Prep Main Fields

Lat: 51.88809, Long: -2.07586
Reeves Field

Lat: 51.88823, Long: -2.06642
Sports Centre
Including swimming pool
Lat: 51.88870, Long: -2.07320
Tennis/Netball Courts

Lat: 51.88915, Long: -2.07255
The Barn

Lat: 51.88868, Long: -2.07649

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