Claires Court School Map

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Claires Court Girls

Lat: 51.52476, Long: -0.73204
Claires Court Junior Boys- Ridgeway

Lat: 51.51296, Long: -0.77076
Claires Court Senior Boys

Lat: 51.53234, Long: -0.70663
Boyne Hill Cricket Club

Lat: 51.52004, Long: -0.74795
Maidenhead and Bray Cricket Club

Lat: 51.50997, Long: -0.70375
Maidenhead Rugby Club

Lat: 51.51173, Long: -0.71664
North Maidenhead Cricket Club
Lat: 51.53384, Long: -0.71428
Phoenix and Claires Court Rugby Club
Under 15s and below play here
Lat: 51.52466, Long: -0.67682

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