Cheltenham College Map

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Main School

Lat: 51.89210, Long: -2.07619
Sports Hall entrance off Thirlestaine Road.
Lat: 51.88913, Long: -2.07172
College Field
3 pitches
Lat: 51.89122, Long: -2.07354
Cotswold Astroturf
Main Hockey Pitch
Lat: 51.88825, Long: -2.07238
Linton Astroturf Pitch
2nd Hockey Pitch. Entrance off Thirlestaine Rd
Lat: 51.88751, Long: -2.07296
Montpelier Park Tennis Courts

Lat: 51.89413, Long: -2.08071
Prep School

Lat: 51.88921, Long: -2.07451
Reeves Sports Field
4 pitches
Lat: 51.88825, Long: -2.06667
Richard Pates Astro
Richard Pates School Astro
GL53 9RP
Lat: 51.87434, Long: -2.07195
Sports Hall
2 Astroturfs, Tennis and Netball Courts. CAR PARKING
GL53 7AA
Lat: 51.88849, Long: -2.07350

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