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Cobham Hall

Lat: 52.19980, Long: -2.22364
Flagge Meadow
The Flagge Meadow playing field is on Flag Meadow Walk at WR1 1QP
Lat: 52.20219, Long: -2.22083
Main School
RGS Worcester, Upper Tything, Worcester WR1 1HP
Lat: 52.19997, Long: -2.22377
Netball Courts

Lat: 52.19968, Long: -2.22256
RGS Springfield
Britannia Square
Lat: 52.19902, Long: -2.22695
RGS The Grange
RGS The Grange, Grange Lane, Claines, Worcester WR3 7RR
Lat: 52.22995, Long: -2.20826
St Oswald's
The St Oswald's pitches are on Lansdowne Road, Worcester, WR1 1SP
Lat: 52.20082, Long: -2.21956
Tom Savage Hall

Lat: 52.20132, Long: -2.22376

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