Reigate Grammar School Map

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RGS Hartswood Athletics track

Lat: 51.21358, Long: -0.20735
RGS Hartswood Cricket Pitch 1

Lat: 51.21432, Long: -0.20516
RGS Hartswood Cricket Pitch 2

Lat: 51.21399, Long: -0.20710
RGS Hartswood Cricket Pitch 3

Lat: 51.21587, Long: -0.20545
RGS Hartswood Cricket Pitch 4 (Astroturf)

Lat: 51.21599, Long: -0.20670
RGS Hartswood Football pitch

Lat: 51.21592, Long: -0.20707
RGS Hartswood Hockey Astro Turf

Lat: 51.21398, Long: -0.20264
RGS Hartswood Rugby fields
School Playing fields are out of the south of Reigate on the A217 - a 1/4 mile past the beehive pub on the right handside - Hartswood playing fields
Lat: 51.21455, Long: -0.20475
RGS Hartswood Tennis courts

Lat: 51.21391, Long: -0.20271
RGS Main School Entrance
Venue for Netball, Tennis and Swimming fixtures. All other fixtures are held at our playing fields.
Lat: 51.23723, Long: -0.19354
RGS Netball Courts

Lat: 51.23594, Long: -0.19262
RGS Sports Hall

Lat: 51.23741, Long: -0.19587
RGS Squash home fixtures
RGS play their home squash fixtures at Reigate Squash Club.
Lat: 51.24473, Long: -0.21717
RGS Swimming pool

Lat: 51.23743, Long: -0.19650
RGS Tennis courts (Main site)

Lat: 51.23589, Long: -0.19252

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