The King's High School for Girls Map

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Main School

Lat: 52.28257, Long: -1.58519
Bridge Sports Hall
Sports Hall Located at Warwick Prep School
Lat: 52.27797, Long: -1.57626
Playing Fields
Astroturf, Netball Courts, Fields, Tennis Courts, Rounders Pitches, Athletics Track.
Lat: 52.27558, Long: -1.57360
St. Nicholas Park Leisure Centre
Swimming Pool & Astroturf. ENtrance via St. Nicholas Park car park.
Lat: 52.28272, Long: -1.57708
Warwick Boat Club
Entrance via Banbury Road, parking at St. Nicholas Park.
Lat: 52.28057, Long: -1.58150
Warwick School Swimming Pool & Sports Centre
Swimming Pool entrance is via Warwick Junior School Entrance off Myton Road
Lat: 52.27928, Long: -1.57305

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