Brentwood School Map

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Senior School

Lat: 51.62003, Long: 0.30751
Athletics Track

Lat: 51.61974, Long: 0.31315
Courage Hall
Courage Hall Sports Centre, including Swimming Pool
Lat: 51.61951, Long: 0.30991
Heseltines Pavilion

Lat: 51.62007, Long: 0.31252
Hough Coach Park
Drop off and pick up point for coaches
Lat: 51.62277, Long: 0.31075
Prep Astro
Visiting teams playing on Prep Astro enter via green gate by Groundsman's Shed
Lat: 51.62151, Long: 0.31131
Prep Netball Courts
Visiting Netball Teams should enter via wooden gates off Prep Car Park
Lat: 51.62282, Long: 0.31345
Prep Playing Fields
Visiting teams playing on Prep Fields should enter via green gate near Groundsman's Shed
Lat: 51.62203, Long: 0.31373
Prep School
Prep School Main Reception. Entrance off Shenfield Road. No fixtures parking.
Lat: 51.62315, Long: 0.31214
Shenfield Road Pitches
Prep School Staff Car Parking only Mon - Fri.
Lat: 51.62443, Long: 0.31131

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