Winchester College Map

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Main School

Lat: 51.05845, Long: -1.31266
Bar End Astro
Venue for home hockey matches
Lat: 51.05503, Long: -1.30033
Bar End Athletics Track
Venue for home athletics fixtures
Lat: 51.05491, Long: -1.30187
Fives Court
Access on the east side of the building (west of the theatre (QEII))
Lat: 51.05706, Long: -1.31538
Hockley Golf Course
Venue for home golf matches
Lat: 51.03559, Long: -1.31634
Hunter Tent
Main Meeting Area for Cricket and Football
Lat: 51.05426, Long: -1.31765

Lat: 51.05670, Long: -1.31384
New Hall
Venue for some home fencing fixtures
Lat: 51.05720, Long: -1.31228
Rackets Courts
Access on the east side of the theatre (QEII)
Lat: 51.05720, Long: -1.31495
Sports Hall
Part of the PE Centre
Lat: 51.05577, Long: -1.31895
Squash Courts

Lat: 51.05571, Long: -1.31807
Swimming Pool
Part of the PE Centre
Lat: 51.05531, Long: -1.31853

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