Francis Holland School, Regent's Park Map

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Main School
Home Swimming & Gymnastics
Lat: 51.52471, Long: -0.16019
Cumberland Green, Regents' park
Football v Queens College
Lat: 51.52994, Long: -0.14787
Marylebone Green, York Bridge
Lat: 51.52526, Long: -0.15042
Paddington Recreation Ground
All Home Hockey Matches
Lat: 51.53046, Long: -0.19059
Regent's Park

Lat: 51.53129, Long: -0.15662
The Hub, Regent's Park
Sports Day & Rounders
Lat: 51.53007, Long: -0.15924
Will to Win, York Bridge
All Home Tennis & Netball
Lat: 51.52562, Long: -0.15332

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