Sutton High School Map

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1 - Main School
Please enter the school via the entrance on Grove Road. Please note that there is no parking on site.
Lat: 51.36063, Long: -0.19770
2 - Netball Tennis Courts
Please enter for Tennis and Netball fixtures from this end of school site
Lat: 51.35951, Long: -0.19704
3 - Hockey Pitches

Lat: 51.32854, Long: -0.16879
Athletics Track

Lat: 51.38456, Long: -0.18125
Sutton CC
Our Rounders matches take place here
Holmwood Road, Cheam
Lat: 51.35187, Long: -0.22291
Swimming Pool
Sports Foyer Entrance
Lat: 51.35930, Long: -0.19810

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