Yarm School Map

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Main School

Lat: 54.50638, Long: -1.35220
Marker shows entrance to field and parking.
Lat: 54.51259, Long: -1.36205
Astro Turf

Lat: 54.50536, Long: -1.35157
Boat House

Lat: 54.50539, Long: -1.35085
Green Lane
Marker indicates entrance and parking for Green Lane Fields
Lat: 54.49585, Long: -1.34514
Norton Astro
Parking for Norton Hockey Club astro. Walk over bridge for pitch.
Lat: 54.59737, Long: -1.32342
This is an old map so the Paddock is not actually shown
Lat: 54.50646, Long: -1.35360
Prep Astro
This is an old map so astro not actually shown
Lat: 54.50332, Long: -1.35436
Thornaby Community School Astro

Lat: 54.54347, Long: -1.29089

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