Croydon High School Map

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Main School

Lat: 51.34128, Long: -0.06160

Lat: 51.33988, Long: -0.06533
Bottom gate

Lat: 51.34175, Long: -0.06122
Netball Courts

Lat: 51.34015, Long: -0.06286
Parking for fixtures
Schools - if you are planning on using this space for parking, please do let us know before you arrive as we will need to open up the gates for you.
Lat: 51.33975, Long: -0.06470

Lat: 51.33997, Long: -0.06480
Sports Hall

Lat: 51.34053, Long: -0.06134
Swimming Pool

Lat: 51.34027, Long: -0.06201
Top gate

Lat: 51.34104, Long: -0.06042

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