St Dunstan's College Map

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College: Leisure Club
Four badminton court sports hall, 6 lane pool, weights room, studio space and classroom.
Lat: 51.44472, Long: -0.02934
College: Pitch 1

Lat: 51.44438, Long: -0.03083
College: Pitch 2

Lat: 51.44307, Long: -0.03017
College: Pitch 3

Lat: 51.44511, Long: -0.03088
JG: 1st Team Pitch
Senior Rugby and Football
Lat: 51.44403, Long: -0.02356
JG: 2nd Team Pitch
Senior Rugby & Football
Lat: 51.44268, Long: -0.02406
JG: Canadian Avenue Pitch
Football & Community
Lat: 51.44311, Long: -0.02279
JG: Fordmill Road Pitch
Junior football and community.
Lat: 51.44021, Long: -0.02429
JG: MUGA (Hockey)

Lat: 51.44096, Long: -0.02399
Jubilee Ground Entrance
Entrance to the Jubilee Ground just off Canadian Avenue. Pitches are directly opposite Catford stations.
Lat: 51.44405, Long: -0.02234
Main College Entrance
Limited parking for coaches in particular. Additional parking available at the Jubilee Ground site
Lat: 51.44321, Long: -0.02862

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