The Portsmouth Grammar School Map

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Main School

Lat: 50.79207, Long: -1.10003
Farlington Cricket Pitch

Lat: 50.83745, Long: -1.04047
Governor's Green

Lat: 50.78893, Long: -1.10267
Please see school main website for exact directions. Cars to park at Hilsea Lido and not Hilsea Lines Playing Fields. Please note that dogs are not permitted at our Hilsea Playing Fields
Lat: 50.83576, Long: -1.07466
Hilsea Car Park

Lat: 50.83588, Long: -1.07462
HMS Temeraire

Lat: 50.79567, Long: -1.09956
Mountbatten Centre

Lat: 50.82489, Long: -1.08211
Spinnaker Sports Centre

Lat: 50.79490, Long: -1.09687

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