Norwich School Map

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Main School

Lat: 52.63198, Long: 1.29945
Daynes Sports Centre

Lat: 52.63005, Long: 1.30025
Football Pitches
Home 1stXI Football Pitch
Lat: 52.66978, Long: 1.32095
Lower Close Astro
Home Netball and Tennis Fixtures are played here
Lat: 52.63181, Long: 1.30339
Lower Close Pitches
Home Rugby (1stXV), Cricket (1stXI) and Rounders fixtures played here.
Lat: 52.63140, Long: 1.30648
Redmayne Astro
Home Hockey Ground
Lat: 52.67073, Long: 1.32083
Redmayne Pavilion
Changing Rooms/ Match Tea Location
Lat: 52.66983, Long: 1.31939
Redmayne Playing Fields
Home Rugby, Cricket and Rounders fixtures played here
Lat: 52.66958, Long: 1.31800

Lat: 52.62611, Long: 1.24210

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