Loretto School Map

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Main School

Lat: 55.94508, Long: -3.04382
Hope House Courts
Netball, Tennis
Lat: 55.94195, Long: -3.04466
Junior School Astro

Lat: 55.94507, Long: -3.05242
Junior School Courts

Lat: 55.94511, Long: -3.05279
Junior School Main Entrance

Lat: 55.94380, Long: -3.05294
Newfield Rugby Pitches
Rugby, lacrosse and junior cricket pitches
EH21 6HY
Lat: 55.94548, Long: -3.05113
Pinkie Fields
Cricket, Rugby and Hockey
Lat: 55.94128, Long: -3.04314
Pinkie St Peter's Astro
Lat: 55.94323, Long: -3.03954
Senior School Astro
Hockey and tennis
Lat: 55.94369, Long: -3.04383

Lat: 55.94563, Long: -3.04705

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