The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School Map

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Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School

Lat: 51.65655, Long: -0.31228
Allianz Park

Lat: 51.60304, Long: -0.22355
Hockey Astro 1
Hockey Astro 2
Tennis Courts 1-9

Lat: 51.65777, Long: -0.31252
Bates Dining Hall
Post-Match Refreshments
Lat: 51.65675, Long: -0.31324

Lat: 51.65495, Long: -0.31527
Cricket Pavilion

Lat: 51.65518, Long: -0.31360
Lower Field
C Square Cricket
Rugby/Football Pitch 5
Lat: 51.65903, Long: -0.31392
Main Field
Rugby/Football Pitch 1-4
Cricket Astro
B Square Cricket
Lat: 51.65632, Long: -0.31680
Medburn Sports Centre
Swimming Pool
Climbing Wall
Squash Courts
Sports Hall
Fitness Suite
Conference Room
Joe's Cafe
Cricket Nets
School Shop
Changing rooms

Lat: 51.65654, Long: -0.31111
Park Pitches
Rugby/Football Pitch 8-9
Parks Cricket Square
Parks Astro Cricket
Lat: 51.65255, Long: -0.31122
Pennes Changing Rooms

Lat: 51.65652, Long: -0.31569
Top Field
A Square Cricket
Prep Rugby/Football pitches 1-3
Cricket Nets

Lat: 51.65463, Long: -0.31365

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