05 Sep 2018
TITAN Mouthguard Fittings - Mon 10 September

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We have asked TITAN to give all boys the opportunity to have a dentally fitted mouthguard at a reasonable cost; these will be fitted in The Space on Monday 10 September 2018 from 0930. A list of appointment times will be displayed on the Rugby noticeboard in the PE Corridor.

In order to take advantage of this service please;

  1. Go to www.titanguards.com
  2. Click on ‘Shop Schools, Clubs and Individuals’
  3. Click on ‘Shop Schools’ and select RGS High Wycombe from the list
  4. Complete the order form

In all cases please deal directly with TITAN and not the school.

*Please note that TITAN do not cater for students with a fixed orthodontic brace. These students should contact their own dentist.

The Governing Bodies of Rugby and Hockey require school age’international players to wear mouthguards; they also strongly recommend the wearing of custom fitting mouthguards at all levels. The RGSHW policy is to adhere to these guidelines.

Finally, if your son already has a mouthguard, please check if it fits. Your child’s growth can prejudice the fitting and effectiveness of a mouthguard.

Link: https://titanguards.typeform.com/to/bm9mex