Match Report
Repton School 3rd XI vs  Stamford
On: Saturday, 28 Sep 2019
Venue: Away

What an impressive performance by the 3XI this was! We had travelled to Stamford with just eleven girls and so they each knew that they were going to have to show real stamina (and not get injured!) to get a win. They soon settled into their stride and showed that they were going to be a force to be reckoned with. There was pressure on the Stamford defence from the outset, with a short corner being won in the first minute, following some great work by Freya. There was real determination throughout the Repton side and after 8 minutes Holly created some space within the D for her to score with a reverse stick hit. However, the team were taught a quick lesson by the opposition as they equalised within a minute as a result of poor concentration and defenders getting in the way of Evie in goal. It was a needless goal to give away. They immediately came back to take the lead with a goal from Jemima. There followed some super play, with the Stamford goalie being put under significant pressure for a series of short corners, but it wasn't until the 23rd minute that the floodgates opened, when there were three goals in as many minutes: Phoebe with a dribble in past the goalie, Jessie with a fantastic smash from the edge of the D, and Poppy from a move from the right side involving Holly, Amelie, who passed to Phoebe, who in turn slipped it to Poppy on the left post. It was such slick play that even the opposition umpire turned and said, "That was lovely!" So it was 5 -1 at half time - not bad considering the fact that I'd given them a challenge to be 3 - 0 up! The only weakness had been to always pass the ball forward, despite the D being full of Stamford players, so at half time we discussed the fact that it was also good to pass the ball sideways and back to create space.

The girls weren't satisfied with the score and wanted it to be in double figures by the final whistle, and what came from this resolve was some fantastic play that was a joy to watch. Holly switched to the left side and this created more space on the right for Amelie to make some great runs down the wing. She soon got herself on the score sheet to set the standard for the second half. A few minutes later a strike from Holly flew off the goalie's foot into the air, and Jemima scored with a hit worthy of the Centre Court at Wimbledon! Throughout all this activity the defence still had plenty to do as Stamford did their best to break through, but with some great tackling and running by Issy, excellent defensive shadowing by Liv, and lovely distribution from both Freya and and Fran, who switched the play from side to side, our goal was rarely under threat. However, on the odd occasion when Stamford did put some pressure on our goal, Evie made some very confident clearances. Our tenth goal was a solo performance from Holly who took a free hit from just over the half way line, made her way straight into the D past those who dared to challenge her, and scored to the keeper's right. Just as impressive was our final goal as Phoebe went into space in the corner to be able to receive the ball, took it into the D and slipped it in from a pretty tight angle. Throughout the whole of the second half, the team grew in confidence and became increasingly creative. They worked well together both on and off the ball, demonstrated some lovely stick skills, and encouraged each other every step of the way.

Well done girls!!