Dunottar School Sports Map

Address Dunottar School
High Trees Road
Telephone 01737 761945
Sport Map Legend
Main School

Lat: 51.23108, Long: -0.18407
Bottom Pitch
Located at Dunottar School. Not accessible directly via car. Please park in school car park, or nearby, and access via the footpath that leads down within the school grounds.
Lat: 51.22907, Long: -0.18466
Dorking CC (Westhumble) RH5 6AD
Driving Northbound on A24, you will pass Denbies Wine Estate. Shortly after a North Downs Way footpath to the left, there is a opening on the left, a yellow sign reads 'Dorkinians FC'. Drive through the gates, and immediately turn right and follow the signs to Dorking CC.
Lat: 51.25175, Long: -0.32629
Dunottar Swimming Pool

Lat: 51.23112, Long: -0.18274
Earlswood Ring Cricket Ground
South from the 'The Plough', no parking immediately by the ground. Please walk dwon St. Johns (road) and follow the path that leads into the woods, and opens into the cricket pitch.
Lat: 51.22461, Long: -0.17544
Leigh Cricket Club

Lat: 51.20938, Long: -0.26148
Merstham CC
Access to the ground is off Quality Street. A left turn shortly after turning onto Quality Street. Car Parking available at the ground.
Lat: 51.26429, Long: -0.15607
Netherne CC

Lat: 51.28934, Long: -0.14397
Old Reigatians RFC
Geoffrey Knight Playing Fields. Located along Park Lane. There is car parking available. Please park considerately, in anticipation of more vehicles arriving.
Lat: 51.23587, Long: -0.21504
ORRFC - 12East

Lat: 51.23499, Long: -0.21882
ORRFC - 12North

Lat: 51.23640, Long: -0.21870
ORRFC - 12West

Lat: 51.23537, Long: -0.22017

Lat: 51.23656, Long: -0.21686
ORRFC - Mole

Lat: 51.23576, Long: -0.21703
Reigate RFC

Lat: 51.24632, Long: -0.22128
Salfords CC
Located on Woodhatch Road, there is a height restricted small car park (Petridgewood Common Car Park).
Lat: 51.21039, Long: -0.17327
Woldingham Village CC
The ground is located off of Croft Road in Woldingham Village. Opposite the left turn to High Drive, there is a right turn that leads to a car park for the cricket ground.

NB - Station Road is currently closed, please follow diversions via Halliloo Valley Road and Longhurst Road
Lat: 51.28584, Long: -0.03541