Brentwood School Sports Map

Address Brentwood School
Ingrave Road
CM15 8AS
Telephone 01277 240400
Fax 01277 243325
Sport Map Legend
Coach Park
Drop off and pick up point for coaches
Lat: 51.62277, Long: 0.31075
Main School

Lat: 51.62003, Long: 0.30751
Prep Astro
Visiting teams playing on Prep Astro enter via green gate by Groundsman's Shed
Lat: 51.62151, Long: 0.31131
Prep Netball Courts
Visiting Netball Teams should enter via wooden gates off Prep Car Park
Lat: 51.62282, Long: 0.31345
Prep Playing Fields
Visiting teams playing on Prep Fields should enter via green gate near Groundsman's Shed
Lat: 51.62203, Long: 0.31373
Prep School
Main Prep School Entrance. Use to access Reception & Netball Courts.
Lat: 51.62315, Long: 0.31214