Wycliffe College Sports Map

Address Wycliffe College
Bath Road
GL10 2JQ
Telephone 01453 822432
Fax 01453 827634
Sport Map Legend
Astro Entrance
This is the entrance for the Astro only.
Lat: 51.74221, Long: -2.27742
Boat House for Rowing
The College has its own Boat House for Rowing at Saul Junction.
Lat: 51.78220, Long: -2.35474
Main School

Lat: 51.74336, Long: -2.27934
Main School Entrance
This is the entrance for all visiting teams.
Parents and spectators for Hockey, Netball, Tennis, Squash and Basketball should use this entrance.
Lat: 51.74213, Long: -2.28149
Outdoor Netball and Tennis Courts
This is the location of the outdoor hard courts for Netball and Tennis.
Lat: 51.74213, Long: -2.28088
Playing Field Entrance
This is the entrance for parents and spectators watching Rugby, Football and Rounders fixtures.
Lat: 51.74422, Long: -2.28786
Prep School Tennis Courts and Astro
The Prep School Tennis Courts and Astro are here.
Lat: 51.74123, Long: -2.27086
Sports Hall and Cricket Pavilion
This is the Sports Hall where Netball, Basketball, Squash and other indoor sports are played. The Cricket pavilion is also here.
Lat: 51.74404, Long: -2.28222
Summerhouse Equestrian Centre
Wycliffe uses a local Equestrian Centre for its training.
Lat: 51.80223, Long: -2.28988
Swimming Pool
The Swimming Pool is at the Prep School.
Lat: 51.74029, Long: -2.27053