Cathedral School, Llandaff Sports Map

Address Cathedral School, Llandaff
Cardiff Road
Telephone 02920 838526
Fax 02920 567752
Sport Map Legend
Main School
Cricket, rounders, rugby and netball fixtures
Lat: 51.49357, Long: -3.21593
Bishop of Llandaff - 1st XI hockey
Venue for 1st XI Hockey fixtures on Wednesday afternoons.
Lat: 51.49559, Long: -3.23010
Cardiff House of Sport 3G Pitch
1st XI Football fixtures
Lat: 51.47487, Long: -3.20919
Cardiff Met 4G Rugby Pitch

Lat: 51.51184, Long: -3.16148
Cardiff Met Llandaff pitch
This pitch is used on occasions for 1st XI and 2nd XI football fixtures.
Lat: 51.49742, Long: -3.21727
Cardiff Metropolitan Cyncoed Campus - Hockey
Location for Saturday hockey fixtures
Lat: 51.51064, Long: -3.15969
Radyr Tennis Club
Venue for Tennis fixtures
Lat: 51.51310, Long: -3.25201
Hockey fixtures for Y3-4 (U8 & 9)
Lat: 51.49996, Long: -3.20091
Welsh Institute of Sport
Hockey fixtures for Y5 - 13 (U10 - 1st XI)
Lat: 51.48597, Long: -3.19066