Bedford School Sports Map

Address Bedford School
De Parys Avenue
MK40 2TU
Telephone 01234 362200
Fax 01234 362283
Sport Map Legend
Main School

Lat: 52.14178, Long: -0.46408
Bedford Athletics Stadium
Used for School Athletics training and fixtures
Lat: 52.13432, Long: -0.44121
Bedford Cricket Club

Lat: 52.14531, Long: -0.42783
Bedford Hockey Centre
Used for Hockey training and some matches
Lat: 52.13491, Long: -0.49456
Bedford Sch - 1st XI Cricket Pitch

Lat: 52.14318, Long: -0.46464
Bedford Sch - 2nd XI Cricket Pitch

Lat: 52.14434, Long: -0.46453
Bedford Sch - Chapel Cricket Pitch

Lat: 52.14277, Long: -0.46310
Bedford Sch - Headmasters Cricket Pitch

Lat: 52.14498, Long: -0.46493
Bedford Sch - Kirkmans Cricket Pitch

Lat: 52.14480, Long: -0.46568
Bedford Sch - Pemberley Cricket Pitch

Lat: 52.14399, Long: -0.46335
Bedford Sch - School Cricket Pitch

Lat: 52.14226, Long: -0.46424
Bedford Sch - Scoreboard Cricket Pitch

Lat: 52.14371, Long: -0.46538
Boat House
School Boat Club (Rowing) based here
Lat: 52.13314, Long: -0.45407
Cricket Pavilion

Lat: 52.14298, Long: -0.46566
Finedon Dolben Cricket Club
Used for the occasional Cricket match.
Lat: 52.34048, Long: -0.66008
Goldington Academy / Bedford College Astro.
Parking at Bedford University via Polhill Av.
Venue for some Hockey Fixtures
Lat: 52.14402, Long: -0.44358
Gordon Fields
Main venue for Hockey Fixtures.
Also used for Rugby, Football and Tennis.
Drop off for teams should be at on Park Avenue - MK40 2LR
Lat: 52.14921, Long: -0.45671
Main school fields

Lat: 52.14344, Long: -0.46392
Milton Keynes Hockey Centre
Woughton on the Green Playing Fields
The Pavillion, Newport Rd,
Milton Keynes, MK6 3EA
Lat: 52.02798, Long: -0.71976
Old Theatre
Golf Simulator is situated here.
Lat: 52.14040, Long: -0.46447
Priory Lake
Venue for Sailing and Canoeing
Lat: 52.12896, Long: -0.43418
Sports Centre
For sports hall, squash courts, swimming pool and gym
Lat: 52.14085, Long: -0.46443
Towers Health Club
Location for some Tennis fixtures
Lat: 52.14847, Long: -0.48407
Woburn Golf Club
Venue for Home Golf Fixtures
Lat: 51.99040, Long: -0.66468