Bedford School Sports Map

Address Bedford School
De Parys Avenue
MK40 2TU
Telephone 01234 362200
Fax 01234 362283
Sport Map Legend
Bedford Athletics Stadium
Used for School Athletics training and fixtures
Lat: 52.13432, Long: -0.44121
Bedford Cricket Club

Lat: 52.14531, Long: -0.42783
Bedford Hockey Centre
Used for Hockey training and some matches
Lat: 52.13491, Long: -0.49456
Bedford Sch - 1st XI Cricket Pitch

Lat: 52.14318, Long: -0.46464
Bedford Sch - 2nd XI Cricket Pitch

Lat: 52.14434, Long: -0.46453
Bedford Sch - Chapel Cricket Pitch

Lat: 52.14277, Long: -0.46310
Bedford Sch - Headmasters Cricket Pitch

Lat: 52.14498, Long: -0.46493
Bedford Sch - Pemberley Cricket Pitch

Lat: 52.14399, Long: -0.46335
Bedford Sch - School Cricket Pitch

Lat: 52.14226, Long: -0.46424
Boat House
School Boat Club (Rowing) based here
Lat: 52.13314, Long: -0.45407
Cricket Pavilion

Lat: 52.14298, Long: -0.46566
Finedon Dolben Cricket Club
Used for the occasional Cricket match.
Lat: 52.34048, Long: -0.66008
Goldington Academy / Bedford College Astro.
Parking at Bedford University via Polhill Av.
Venue for some Hockey Fixtures
Lat: 52.14402, Long: -0.44358
Gordon Fields
Main venue for Hockey Fixtures.
Also used for Rugby, Football and Tennis.
Drop off for teams should be at on Park Avenue - MK40 2LR
Lat: 52.14921, Long: -0.45671
Main School

Lat: 52.14178, Long: -0.46408
Main school fields

Lat: 52.14344, Long: -0.46392
Milton Keynes Hockey Centre
Woughton on the Green Playing Fields
The Pavillion, Newport Rd,
Milton Keynes, MK6 3EA
Lat: 52.02798, Long: -0.71976
Priory Lake
Venue for Sailing and Canoeing
Lat: 52.12896, Long: -0.43418
Sports Centre
For sports hall, squash courts, swimming pool and gym
Lat: 52.14085, Long: -0.46443
Woburn Golf Club
Venue for Home Golf Fixtures
Lat: 51.99040, Long: -0.66468