Magdalen College School Sports Map

Address Magdalen College School
Cowley Place
Telephone 01865 242191
Fax -
Sport Map Legend
Main School
Follow Cowley Place past St Hilda's College on your right. There is no parking on site. Please use the St Clement's Car Park. (see Visitors Car Parking below)
Lat: 51.74871, Long: -1.24463
Banbury Road North
Banbury Road North Hockey Astro. OX2 8EQ
Lat: 51.79369, Long: -1.26813
Brasenose College Cricket Pitch
Whitehouse Road, Abingdon Road, Grandpont. OX1 4PD
Lat: 51.74406, Long: -1.25442
Christ Church Cathedral School Pitch/Merton
Access as for Merton Field
Lat: 51.74977, Long: -1.25207
Christ Church Ground
Go through the gate beside the Sports Hall at MCS
Lat: 51.74818, Long: -1.24380
Exeter College Cricket Pitch

Lat: 51.76492, Long: -1.24279
Hertford College Cricket Pitch
Please note that there is minimal parking at the ground.
Lat: 51.76414, Long: -1.23992
Kidlington Cricket Club
Lat: 51.80623, Long: -1.28094
Magdalen College Ground (not School)
On the B4150 Marston Road, Magdalen College Ground is situated next to the Islamic Centre on the left hand side of the road (the postcode for the Centre - but not the ground is OX3 OEE).
Lat: 51.75722, Long: -1.23742
Marston Road Ground
THIS IS NOT THE ASTRO!Please zoom in to see Exeter College and Hertford College
Lat: 51.76372, Long: -1.24261
MCS Astro, Marston Road
OX3 0EE -The Astro is before the Islamic Centre and after St Clements Church on the left hand side of the road(from the Plain ). Walk down the driveway which has two brick pillars at the entrance and past the two cottages on the left before the Mosque. There is NO PARKING, so please park in the pay and display car parks on Marston Road or St Clements.

Lat: 51.75412, Long: -1.23621
Merton Field
Turn left down Rose Lane and go through the gate. Merton Field is situated on the right hand side.

Lat: 51.74978, Long: -1.25047
Oxford Academy Astro
This pointer is below the level of the map above. Click on the map and hold, then move the map to find the pointer. OX4 6JZ
Lat: 51.72269, Long: -1.21578
Oxford University Sports Ground (Iffley Road)
Iffley Road Sports Track is between the Rugby Ground and Greyfriars. Parking is available in the car park on the right hand side of Jackdaw Lane.
Lat: 51.74584, Long: -1.24291
Parking is unavailable on site. There is limited parking at St Clements Pay and Display
Lat: 51.75751, Long: -1.23515
School Field
School Field is accessed on foot via the private road to the right at the top of Cowley Place. Fork slightly right up small steps and through the security gate to the side of School House. Go through the Rose Garden and over the white bridges.
Lat: 51.74879, Long: -1.24800
Sports Hall and Millham Ford
Millham Ford is opposite the Sports Hall at MCS
Lat: 51.74832, Long: -1.24474
St Gregory the Great Astro

Lat: 51.73817, Long: -1.22847
The University Parks Cricket Pitch
There is no parking on site.
Lat: 51.76215, Long: -1.25437
Trinity College Ground
Trinity College's ground adjoins the Magdalen ground and has a separate entrance 200 yards further along Marston Road. The ground itself does not have a postcode but it is about 300 yards from the Mosque on Marston Road which is OX3 OEE
Lat: 51.75826, Long: -1.23718
Visitors Car Park
St Clements Pay and Display Car Park.
There is no parking on site so please use St Clements Pay and Display. At weekends parking is available on site but is limited to a first come first served basis, please use St Clements where necessary.
Lat: 51.75025, Long: -1.24294