The Glasgow Academy Sports Map

Address The Glasgow Academy
Colebrooke Street
G12 8HE
Telephone 0141 334 8558
Fax 0141 337 3473
Sport Map Legend
The Glasgow Academy, G12 8HE
Main School
Lat: 55.87579, Long: -4.27947
Garscube Astroturf, G20 0SP
Hockey pitches
Lat: 55.90153, Long: -4.31407
Lower Windyedge, G13 1YQ
Hockey & Football pitches
Lat: 55.88791, Long: -4.34329
School Ground, G13 1XS
Rugby, Cricket and Athletics facilities
Lat: 55.88951, Long: -4.33716
The Glasgow Academical Club, G13 1RR
Rugby and Cricket facilities
Lat: 55.88875, Long: -4.33115
Top Windyedge, G13 1XW
Hockey pitches
Lat: 55.88869, Long: -4.33913