Ewell Castle School Sports Map

Address Ewell Castle School
Church Street
KT17 2AW
Telephone 020 8393 1413
Fax 020 8786 8218
Sport Map Legend
Main School

Lat: 51.35055, Long: -0.24718
Ash Tennis Courts
This is an off site tennis venue where we play some of our home games mainly for Under 15 and below fixtures.
Lat: 51.23995, Long: -0.72764
Club House
Cheam Fields Tennis Club
Lat: 51.35018, Long: -0.21466
Cranleigh Lawn Tennis Club
Ewell Castle School Tennis Home Courts
Lat: 51.40425, Long: -0.20024
Epsom Sports Club
Epsom Sports Club have a new facility which we as a school are able to use for Football, Hockey and Cricket fixtures. The entrance is off the one way road around Bourne Hall in Old Schools Lane.
Lat: 51.35339, Long: -0.25358
Ewell Cricket Club
This venue will be used in the summer term for cricket matches and is now rebranded as Ewell Cricket Club from 2017 onwards.
Lat: 51.36606, Long: -0.26436
Gibraltar Recreation Ground
Summer Saturday Cricket Matches are played at this external venue.
Lat: 51.34681, Long: -0.25745
Old Fire Brigade Grounds
Entrance is from Banstead Round and Parking is on site. The football pitches are beyond the rugby pitches.
Lat: 51.34439, Long: -0.23722
Prep School

Lat: 51.35056, Long: -0.24847
Sutton & Epsom Rugby Club
First XV Rugby matches are played at Sutton and Epsom Rugby Club.
Lat: 51.34935, Long: -0.22243
Sutton United FC
The School First Team now play some home matches at Sutton United's home ground.
Lat: 51.36717, Long: -0.20391
The Church Grounds
This facility is used for Prep school matches as well as Year 7 and 8 fixtures. All parents and visitors wishing to attend mid-week matches are requested not to park on Church Street but to find alternative parking
Lat: 51.35233, Long: -0.24685