Ewell Castle School Sports Map

Address Ewell Castle School
Church Street
KT17 2AW
Telephone 020 8393 1413
Fax 020 8786 8218
Sport Map Legend
Ash Tennis Courts
This is an off site tennis venue where we play some of our home games mainly for Under 15 and below fixtures.
Lat: 51.23995, Long: -0.72764
Cranleigh Lawn Tennis Club
Ewell Castle School Tennis Home Courts
Lat: 51.40425, Long: -0.20024
Ewell Cricket Club
This venue will be used in the summer term for cricket matches and is now rebranded as Ewell Cricket Club from 2017 onwards.
Lat: 51.36606, Long: -0.26436
Main School

Lat: 51.35055, Long: -0.24718
Old Fire Brigade Grounds
Entrance is from Banstead Round and Parking is on site. The football pitches are beyond the rugby pitches.
Lat: 51.34439, Long: -0.23722
Prep School

Lat: 51.35056, Long: -0.24847
Sutton & Epsom Rugby Club
First XV Rugby matches are played at Sutton and Epsom Rugby Club.
Lat: 51.34935, Long: -0.22243
The Church Grounds
This facility is used for Prep school matches and lower school training sessions. Pupils can be picked up from school or from the church entrance.
Lat: 51.35233, Long: -0.24685