Eaton Square Preparatory School Sports Map

Address Eaton Square Preparatory School
79 Ecclestone Square
Telephone 020 7931 9469
Fax 020 7828 0164
Sport Map Legend
Main School

Lat: 51.49269, Long: -0.14272
Battersea Park All Weather

Lat: 51.47630, Long: -0.15970
Battersea Park, Millennium arena
Tennis Courts, Small Astro pitch and netball courts
Lat: 51.48131, Long: -0.15166
Battersea Park, Pump house pitches
Football, rugby and cricket pitches
Lat: 51.47902, Long: -0.15638
Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Centre
Netball courts and small hockey pitches
Lat: 51.49574, Long: -0.10666
Hyde Park old football pitches

Lat: 51.50309, Long: -0.17073
Linford Christie Stadium

Lat: 51.51924, Long: -0.23539
Nine Elms Powerleague
4G pitches
Lat: 51.47780, Long: -0.13902
Oasis Leisure centre
Swimming pools, gym, Squash courts and studios
Lat: 51.51572, Long: -0.12574
Queen Mother Sports Centre
Swimming pools, squash courts, Studios and large indoor sports hall
Lat: 51.49333, Long: -0.14053