14 Jul 2016
The beginning of the tour

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After a very long journey to South Africa, which included an hour delay, a sleepless flight and missing our connection flight, we finally landed in sunny Cape Town. The coach journey was not much of an improvement as we soon realised that less than half of our suitcases fit in the boot, so with some creative thinking, we decided the best option was to stack them on the few available seats and then have one placed ever so safely in the aisle. Within our journey to Stellenbosch hotel, whilst taking in the views, we almost ran over Gary the goat, who decided to learn why the chicken crossed the road. However, everyone, including Gary, was safe.

The Stellenbosch hotel has lovely views and everyone is very welcoming. We then walked to the University for our first netball training session. It did not have the best start as the netball courts were locked initially. Nevertheless, Miss Drayne's creativity took hold and we were able to have fun and practise.

We woke up to a cold Thursday morning, which made us feel like we never left home, but by the time we got to our netball match, it was roasting. Our 1st and 2nd VII netball teams played one match each against local schools. Unfortunately after a good start, the 2nd team lost however the 1st team went on to win 18-14. After a quick stop for lunch, where everyone enjoyed delicious sorbets, we travelled to our hockey match. Despite some horrible injuries, we won 4-0, with Antonia scoring a hat-trick, followed by an impressive goal from Alice.

As we travelled back to the hotel, we spotted a dazzle of zebras, whilst driving through a cloud! The tired team enjoyed our last dinner at the Stellenbosch hotel and then went off to bed.

Authors - Sian, Esme & Lucy