Match Report
King's College, Taunton Girls-U14B vs  Blundell's School
On: Saturday, 07 Oct 2017
Venue: Away

The whole team enjoyed their match against Blundell's. The first half saw some very even play, with King's dominating the first 15 minutes and getting some shots in. Kyla Stell in goal also made some useful saves with well-timed kicks and the whole team worked together to keep moving the ball around the pitch. There were plenty of pick-ups on the move, practised this week in training, which proved really helpful in dodging opponents and moving the ball away into space. The first half came to a close nil all.

King's came out in the second half determined to keep possession. Although this plan didn't always succeed, a goal from Blundell's saw King's start to fire on all cylinders. There was some great passing into space from Malaika Njema and some really good runs from Charlotte Stilwell, who managed to go so fast none of her teammates could keep up! After a triple save was required from the Blundell's keeper, the girls knew they could do it and Malaika soon scored. The more defensive players were kept busy clearing the ball strongly to the sides and the midfielders kept finding the ball by positioning themselves well. More training practice moves were put to good use when Florence Cole deflected a ball into the goal for the second goal. With an equaliser scored by Blundell's the match finally ended in a draw.

Malaika Njema was voted Player of the match although credit goes to the other team members who made it such an enjoyable game. Our thanks to the band of supporters who cheered loudly all afternoon.