Match Report
King's College, Taunton Girls-U14B vs  Canford School
On: Saturday, 23 Sep 2017
Venue: Away

King's were a little hesitant in the first couple of minutes following the long journey to Canford, but soon started to get the feel of the sandy pitch and the pace of the game. Defenders worked hard in the first half to meet players strongly, trying to clear the ball wide as practised in training. Canford sometimes crept past the defence but Kyla Stell did well in goal, making some great kicks away from strong attacks. Those playing towards the front tried hard to make themselves opportunities. Some skillful shots were played by Charlotte Sidwell, Olivia Boyd and Flo Cole, with Izzy Ambler seen all over the pitch where needed.

In the second half King's worked better in formation, thinking about playing into space and holding their shape. This tactic worked, with the opportunity for a goal seized by Olivia Boyd. Deeper on the pitch Liv Brownlie did well taking the ball out to the sideline and tackling strongly, Mia Ghir and Hattie Lindsey-Coombs also upping their game this week to take on strong attacking players without backing down. One short corner often leads to another and this being the case, the U14B girls decided to hit any possible ball at goal, Flo Cole scoring. In the final five minutes the girls made some excellent runs up the pitch in solid formation, with Malaika Njema sending in her now trademark shots on an angle through gaps in defence to a running attacker. With a last minute goal by Canford the final score was in their favour, but every girl on the team deserves praise for the part they played as they worked hard together. Kyla Stell was chosen as player of the match.