Match Report
King's College, Taunton Girls-U15B vs  Millfield School
On: Saturday, 30 Sep 2017
Venue: at Home

The much anticipated fixture against sporting behemoths Millfield came about this Saturday.

King's were well prepared and self-organised, which is always a welcome trait. The first half was underway with a King's push back - reverse stick is always an interesting choice for the first touch a the game...

The full back pairing of Marney Davies and Mathilda Siemes were relatively new to the role, but applied themselves mightily. Lucy Crossman and Sophie Butts were running the show in the midfield, supplying effective ball to the forwards, with Natasha Looker, Daisy Baker and Elena Pearce making insightful runs, allowing for much pressure on the opposition. Anya Butcher was playing out of position at left half, and learned to use her ability to run endlessly in a different way, with Freya Jenkinson linking well with Reshma Rao on the opposite side. Half time came about, still goalless, and assistant coach Jenna Kirby led the team talk and re-organisation, with her views from pitchside.

The second half was a move into top gear for King's, with seemingly endless running undertaken by all, resulting in plenty of space and attacking opportunity. Jenna Craig acquitted herself tirelessly in the midfield, whilst Callie Stead found her groove higher up the pitch. Both Lucy and Anya, now higher up the pitch, created many opportunities against a tiring defence, with one appearing to come to fruition, until it was ruled out for an earlier infraction. Elena tried to fill the void left by Lucy in the middle of the pitch, which she did well, and Natasha and Reshma both became menacing threats along the right flank.

The game kept building, but without the fairytale ending. The scoreboard remained unchanged, leaving both teams goalless...though all players fulfilled. The player of the match was given by the opposition to both Lucy Crossman and Marney Davies.

We look forwards to Blundell's next weekend.