Match Report
King's College, Taunton Girls-U14B vs  Sherborne Girls
On: Saturday, 14 Oct 2017
Venue: Away

The first half saw King's working hard to weigh up their opposition, making good progress towards the D and getting a few shots away, but Sherborne had more possession and managed to score. King's defence worked well together to cover angles and to cut off players early.

Following recent form, the girls had an absolutely amazing second half. They started strong, picked up passes on the move, hit the ball strongly every time they reached the D and came up the pitch to defend. Goals were scored by Florence Cole, Olivia Boyd and Charlotte Sidwell, but again, the whole team was responsible for the turn round in energy and for working the ball up the pitch making use of the wings. Malaika Njema was chosen as player of the match. Although the score at the end was in Sherborne's favour all the girls should be proud of their level of play and were praised by the Sherborne coach for the excellent match.