14 Apr 2016
Sailing - Week 1

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Safety First! Rigging the boat Birthday Cake time!

A beautiful sunny spring afternoon provided a very warm welcome to this year’s 12 novice sailors at Sutton Bingham Sailing Club yesterday.

After a welcoming introduction, course outline and safety brief from Senior Instructor Alan Chin and Dinghy Instructor Julian Doggrell, the students quickly got changed into suitable sailing gear, were fitted with their buoyancy aids and started the first task of identifying the parts and rigging of the boat.

It was then time to take the boats to the water and start getting wet! Teams of 4 had to paddle their boat hulls out to the anchored safety boat, retrieve one piece of equipment at a time and return to the pontoon to hand over to their team mates, with the aim being to be first back with a completely assembled boat.

There was much splashing and falling around, and various ways of propelling the boat were tried, some more successful than others, before the winning team make it back to shore under sail power.

Having safely derigged all of the boats and a short summery from Alan and all with sailors having thoroughly enjoyed the evening, we all went to share in a piece of birthday cake and gave a fair rendition of ”Happy Birthday” to Tom.

Here’s hoping weather continues like this for the next 12 weeks so we can all have a great summer of sailing.