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The Sports Map Plotter

Your school's sports map is an important feature.  It is available in your dedicated sports website AND in all the dedicated sports websites of all the schools you play against in their Opponent Maps and Links section (if your opponents use SOCS sport). 

When you add Home fixtures you can also select a map location that has been added to your sports map - see an example of this in the screen shot below.

Important Notes

  1. Only main account holders can add locations and make changes to the map.
  2. The sports map plotter should only be used to plot your school's sports facilities.  It should not be used to plot the locations of other schools as this is not necessary. This is because the locations of all of the schools you are likely to play against are added automatically when you create fixtures and these appear under the Opponents Maps and Links menu option in your sports website.
  3. All map markers can be placed on the map with great accuracy and precision, rather than using postcode mapping, which is not at all accurate and can be misleading. Each map point has a specific lat/long coordinates which can be used in GPS tracking systems on mobile and other devices. By clicking any map marker visitors can then get directions directly using Google Maps.
  4. For competitions the exact location of pitches, courts, playing fields and car parks will be included on the competition map (if provided by the organizers).  Each pitch or court will also show the playing schedule of teams, which is helpful for and visiting parents and staff.

The Main Map Marker

When you first start you will see the school's Main Map Marker positioned centrally (using the general postcode area of your school). Using the Sports Map Plotter you can change the location title, marker label, colour and remarks, but not the position of the Main Map Marker.  If you need to change the position of the Main Map Marker then send an email to

Adding or Editing Map Markers

More map markers can be positioned with pinpoint precision for all of your pitches, sporting facilities and car parks using the Sports Map Plotter.

Using the Sports Map Plotter:

Step 1. Login to your SOCS control panel.

Step 2. From the main menu navigate to School Settings > Sports Map and your sports map will appear.  See the example in the screen shot below.

Step 3.

Editing a Map Marker. To edit an existing map marker click the relevant Edit button in your Sports Map Legend

Adding a New Map Marker. To add a new map marker click the + Add a new map location button, indicated by the red arrow in the screen shot above. Then use the Sports Map Plotter (shown inthe screen shot below) as follows:

  • Centre the map approximately over your school, close to the location you are looking for. You can click and drag the map to move it around.

Note: The map does not show any existing markers you may have added previously.

  • To enlarge a particular area of the map, you can double click the map , or use the zoom control slider to the left of the map. We suggest you zoom in as far as possible to get the most accurate position.
  • Click on the location that you would like to add and a marker will be created at that point.
  • The latitude and longitude of that point will automatically be added to the table on the right. If you click on the map again, the first point will be removed, and a new one created.
  • In the table on the right, add the details of the map point that you have added and click Save.



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